Merry Xmass loves!

How is everyone? I hope you are all haveing a merry xmass and got what you wished for. I got everything I wished for. For example a scanner which I already tested and scanned a few drawings. That drawing above is something I drew a few days ago.

I found a photo of a girl sitting by a river and I used it as a model for that picture that I drew but then I lost the link to that photo and I can´t find it anymore. I know I saw it when I was reading blogs but I don´t remember what blog. If anyone happens to find it or knows where it is, could you pleace link it to me. Thanx :)


The best of Danmarks Designskole 2009

I found the page of The Danish Design School via Cyana TrenLand and what I actually found is a splash of beautiful inspiration by these young designers.

Stine Ladefoged

Nanna Isbrandt Bach Jansen

Julie Kristine Brogger

Camilla Francesca Lastrina

Anne Marie Jensen


Anne Sofie Madsen

(sources: cyanatrenland, dkds.dk)



Well, shoes!

I never thought I´d made a post about my training shoes but here it is... I got these a little over a week ago and I think they are so pretty! See the sparkling stripes? :p Definately the prettiest shoes in my course. Too bad I didn´t take the photos when they were brand new. The red mat we have in the gym made the bottoms look pink-ish.
Shoes: Adidas
(And for everyone who doesn´t know, I do wushu. Look for it on Youtube if you don´t know what it is.)

Missing summer

(Brian Lichteberg, Oliver Stalman)


Keep me warm

First: We got snow almost a week ago! I hate cold. My toes are always frozen. All the wool socks are just not enough...
Second: I lost my gloves. So now my fingers are frozen too. Great.
And on the side note (after all that unnecessary ranting) how fucking cool is that Rick Owens hoodie?! Would be perfect for my eskimo wardrobe. It´s honestly pure perfection. I could possibly live in it.



These amazing illustrations are by a swedish woman called Hannah Muller (aka. Myltan). Watching them makes me feel like drawing more.
I just drew a ballerina with ink and watercolor pencils. Then I think I accidentaly drank the water I used with the watercolor pencils. It tasted normal and I havent died yet, so, maybe I´ll survive...
(found via cyanatrendland)

Bunny Vs. Kitty



What will you put on for Halloween this year???


Alexander McQueen S/S10

Let the photos do the talking. This collection is insane. We can´t argue about that. Like it or not.