Love drunk.

1. Fun time with a good magazine and a cappuccino.
2. Something I´m working on.
3. Another 2 hours in a cafe with a friend.
4. Christmas day in Turku, Finland.
5. Early New Year´s party.
6. Some awkward girl.


All things gold.

I was craving for something gold.

Max Factor nailpolish - 01 Ivory
Loréal Color Infaillible eyeshadow - 027 Goldmine
Max Factor eyeshadow - 101 Pale Pebble

(by me)

One of those that I made for fashion school last year. I didn´t get in that time. 



Last pieces of school

1. My friend Riina. She makes nice clothes. That shirt = adorable, no? We printed out these Take a smile -papers and put them on note boards around the school for people to take a smile when they walk by :)
2. Hat makers' storage room.
3. Karo. She took about 50 photos of herself with my camera. This is what you get for taking photos with my camera. I will put them up!
4. My sketchbook.
5. My work space at home. We had a course where we made dummies of our own size and shape. This is mine.
6. Riina coloring (at hair and make-up course).
7. Some of my projects.
8. The cake grandma made for my graduation party. It was yummy!


You´re killing me!

This obsession with Swedish Hasbeen is probably not going to stop until I get myself a pair.

via Beam



Random photos of Provinssi Rock last year. We are going to the festival this weekend so here´s something from last year.


Monki, Helsinki, 1-years-old

Monki´s birthday party last weekend. A night that included champagne, strawberry margaritas, girl talk... and ended with Breakfast at Tiffany's. Soap bubble machine = very good invention.


I took this jacket...

...and turned it into this waistcoat. Simply because I couldn't stand having a piece of clothing in my wardrobe that I do not wear. The story behind it is complicated. First I was supposed to make it a huge backpack for festival clothes. Then I decided to alter it to a shorter and fitter version of the jacket it was. Then after cutting it to pieces I decided to make it a jacket but somewhere on the way I lost the sleeves. Not literally, after all, but I thought jackets are boring. I bet it already got more use as a waistcoat than as the jacket it was. I wear it over my denim jacket on rainy days.