LONDON FW16-17 / fashion week favorites


Alexander McQueen

 Alexander McQueen definitely wins the first place on this list. I could have posted half the looks but somehow managed to narrow it down to these few. This show is borderline haute couture. One of these dresses needs a red carpet moment.


photos via Vogue

...well, that was a short list. I was going to include some other shows but after thinking a while I realised I didn´t really like anything else from London much at all.


NEW YORK FW16-17 / fashion week favorites

I figured I would finally put these up before the next fashion week rolls up.  Just some of my personal favorites.


 Rodarte is not one of those brands that I would likely personally wear (on a normal day anyway) but their shows are a joy to watch. It´s a fantasy. I always look forward to their show because it´s always so magical and creative. The set, the clothes, the beauty, the music... They just tie together so perfectly.

photos via Vogue

 Proenza Schouler

 This show I liked a lot. The setting is simple, the styling is simple... The clothes are wearable with the right amount of edge. Proenza Schouler is one of those brands that never lets me down season after season.

  photos via Vogue


 I love, love, love Tibi. In my fashion fantasies this is what I look like. I would wear pretty much everything here. Especially that suede dress. And that long gardigan... And not to forget the shoes!

 photos via Vogue

 3.1. Phillip Lim 

 This show for me was a rollercoaster. Some (or most) looks I hated and others I loved. I long considered if I will even include this but I though I might as well share what I did like as there were some really nice looks towards the end and some really nice coats.

 photos via Vogue

Special mention: Delpozo

photo via Delpozo

I don´t know why I liked this show. I don´t like the colors, the shapes, the patterns, the shoes... But put all of them together and I like it. Don´t even try to make sense of it.



I´m really into this hairclip at the moment. I think it´s such a nice detail with a simple outfit. 


Fuck it. I can´t come up with a title. This will do.

Lately my views on fashion have changed a lot. My goal used to be to have a lot of interesting clothes and to have a unique and interesting style. Now I just want comfy jeans. What I really want is just a simple wardrobe with simple pieces that go together simply. Like jeans and a t-shirt. So, that´s what I´m working on. Letting go of the old. I´ve come to realize experiences and memories are much more important than "things". 

Which comes to why I´m sharing this day. A week ago I faced my fear of heights and bungee jumped from 150 meters! I still can´t believe I jumped without having to be pushed. When you´re standing on an edge somewhere that high it doesn´t feel right to jump. But I jumped and felt like a champion after. I would do it again too but only if it´s higher.

All together it was a very nice summer day with easy chilling and secret hideaways. With a little bit of adrenaline.

"Uh oh... help?"

Photos of me by Natalia