New things: accessories and beauty

1. Earrings and bracelet from Bik Bok. I recently lost my favourite gold bracelet and I needed replacement. Unfortunately this one is not real gold like my old bracelet was but it will do for now.

2. Kicks: Eye Primer. I´ve had trouble finding a good primer. Not too long ago I went to the MAC table in my nearest department store and asked what the sales person would recommend. That day I left home with a primer that felt good on the back of my hand but on my lids it was way too dark and felt cakey. This time I was looking for something more light. Again this felt good on the back of my hand and I thought it was easy to blend as well. On my lids... not so easy to blend and it´s left a little bit sticky. I´m satisfied for now but I´m not done looking for the perfect primer.

3. Make Up Store: Blush: A touch of peach. I´m in love with this! The best blush I have ever tried. The color is so soft and sweet and it blends very naturally. You know how some blushes are very hard to blend? They will all stick to that one spot on your cheek and won´t even out... Not this one. I love the packaging too. Pretty and simple. It´s worth every euro.

4. Bik Bok: nailpolish. I tried this nude color which looks really nice on your nails but two coats and a top coat lasts for about a day. It flakes really easy. The gold one is better because it´s basically a clear polish with gold flakes in it, so, it´s not very visible if you screw the tips. But you will have to put a thick layer if you want more than a few gold flakes and it takes a long time to dry. Don´t waste your money on these.


DIY: denim skirt

So, basically I had a denim wrap dress (Gap) and I made it into a skirt. I wish I had a photo of the dress before it became skirt but when I got the idea I didn´t hesitate for a second. I just went and started cutting and sewing. I´m camera shy. I think my awkward "put thumbs in your pockets and act cool" pose gives it away.