Did you know Pocahontas means "happy little girl"?

Ok, today´s goal was to start designing and making a hair accessory at school. Of course I couldn´t choose only 1 work that I want to do, so, I´m going to make 3 different ones! That pic above is of my working table. You can see some sketching and the materials I got. A headband, black feathers, black leather, white satin and blue bridal satin (I made a skirt of that fabric last spring and I still haven´t posted a pic of it. Is that so ME or what??). In my first hair accessory I used the hairband and feathers and some leather...

And that´s the result on umm.... an ugly doll head! I had all my fingers in glue after finishing but it was all worth it. In the class room there was this huge bag full of small white feathers and I just wanted to jump in the bag! Or throw the feathers in the air and run around under them. But I supposed I´d have to put them all back to the bag and that doesn´t sound as much fun as throwing them in the air.

That´s Siiri playing with the feathers. Glueing them together. That was her way to think what kind of hair accessory she wants to do.

I like the way it looks like they are just sticking from my hair. Ahh, I hate sounding cocky but I´m actually happy with what this looks like (unlike with the leather bag. I could have done it better).

I never thought I´d finish it today. I spent half of the day on the computer looking for inspirational pictures and talking with friends and sticking feathers to Emilia´s hair. It amazes even me how I always finish the works in time even though it seems like I´m not doing anything. It´s like the whole day I´m lazying and hanging around and then boom I got the finished work in front of me. I´m not complaining though! My goal is to make 2 more hair bands on friday... Or at least 1. And oh! I could also try to be NOT late for a change. I´m 15 mins late almost every day.


Play with your head

I´m fucking obsessed with that hat. I can´t even use awful roots as my excuse anymore. And that headband I just made. I was thinking about making a flower on it but I´m not sure about that yet. I´d use that same fabric and some black satin. It could look nice!

Tomorrow´s plan:
10.00am: dentist (eeks!)
2.30pm: seeing a friend and then propably going to buy feathers and other stuff for a headband that I´m doing at school
4.00pm: at the gym for wushu training

...and the rest of the night I could spend looking for head inspiration. And oh... I´m not going to school because I have a short day tomorrow and the dentist in the middle of it. S/S2010 fashion shows are out and i haven´t posted anything about them. I´ll maybe get back to that later.


First leather thing

Today I finished this suede-leather bag I was doing at school. It was fun to make. On sunday I´ll give it to mom. I finally get a laundry machine. I have so much laundry that I don´t even know what to wear.

Do you like the blue corner? I just had to get that piece there. It´s like my favorite color :)


i <3 The Script-The End Where I Begin

Aaah, it´s so good way to save 15 mins of my morning time by putting the next day´s clothes ready somewhere. Usually I´m too tired to think in the morning and end up wearing whatever comes to my hand first. And even if I did know what to wear, I often don´t know where they are. I have this bad habit to leave my clothes exactly where I take them off. And that can be anywhere in my flat.

So, I took these photos last night of the clothes I put up for today.
  • big grey sweater
  • black and white scarf
  • soft leopard hat (I love this! I bought it earlier this week.)
  • black leggings
  • heavy boots
And on monday I wore that dress you can see me wearing in the mirror. +black thights, a long sleeved shirt under the dress (it´s getting colderrr), that same scarf and the same boots.
Those shoes are the best shoes I own at the moment! I wear them almost every day when it starts to get colder. I´ve had them fixed at least twice already. I always wear them over pants and the zippers don´t like that... A man came to me on sunday and asked where I got them. He said they were cool and wanted shoes like that too. Then he asked me out. I think he had a 15 years old son with him. "Ummm, no."
That´s a lot of animal print btw! Dress, hat, scarf and maybe even the sweater kind of. It has these thin black stripe things going through it. But they are not so obvious, so maybe it doesn´t matter...

And thank you Hemppa (in the photo) for coming here this weekend! I had fun. Even though we ate all the time :) Saturday: eating out, hanging around, going to movies... Sunday: eating out, hanging around, hair modelling thing-CANCELED.


a.y. Not Dead

This looks like fall to me. I´d sell my soul to the devil to look like that. I´ve wanted a fake fur jacket since I saw this collection, which was... umm... 2 months ago? Possibly... But now when there are faux fur jackets in all the stores, I´m not sure if I want 1 anymore. I mean I do! Maybe? But I haven´t found the One yet and I´m kind of broke (yes, still...) and in need of eye glasses. Plus they are all so thick and they make me look fat ´cause I´m short and I don´t have stick thin legs like the model above.

It´s interesting to see who will buy a fur jacket and what kind of people. I doupt it´ll become a must-have thing for a bigger mass. It takes some courage to wear it. But I could be wrong.

Ohh! My friend Nata has 2 faux fur jackets already! She bought the other 1 from ebay a while ago and the other 1 from somewhere but I promised I wouldn´t tell where she bought it (so that others wont find/buy the same jacket).


Introducing you to...

...my internship place, Antti Asplund´s showroom. I snapped like a hundred pics for my school portfolio, so, why not share! First of all I have to say that I´ve had so much fun there. Mostly I´ve been sewing samples in the cellar with nice people but I also assisted the photoshoot for Save Rudeboy campaign and the lookbook for fall/winter 2009. I really enjoyed that. And then I´ve wandered around Helsinki buying things and taking clothes to other stores and stuff that interns do. My internship stops after this week but I have another one after a month and instead of finding another place to intern in, I´ll come back here.

I sew the last dress. And half of the cape above that. And part of the dress you can see in the window... And some other stuff that I forgot to take photos of. I love the illustrations by Vesa Kempainen on the table!

This is the wall before the stairs. I have that cross too. Got it on friday and I´ve already worn it several times.

These are actually from the toilet...

And these are from the work place. Propably the best part of this internship is that I met Natalia who is actually in the same school with me but we have never even seen each other there. It´s weird how much we have in common and without her this 4 weeks would have been a lot more boring. Of course the thanks also belong to Anna, Kaisu and especially Meri and Antti (for taking me there... And taking me there again. hah). Only 2 days left before I go back to school and the real work starts.

(I hope I didn´t show too much with these photos. I´m quite sure there is nothing secret in them. And Antti said yes when I asked if I could post some photos on my blog.)