Africa inspiration needed

Why is it that you always feel like doing anything else than homework and studing. I have 2 exams tomorrow and I´ll start my art project of Africa. I just can´t decide what I want to do. I had an idea for that but I forgot it. Damnit :D. I want to do something colorful, beautiful and artistic. I want to draw and paint and stuff... hm. Last time we had an art project, I got inspired right away. "If your life was a cd, what would the cover look like?"

I have a new hairstyle now. I´ll try to post a pic of it tomorrow if I have time. We have school from 10 am to 6 pm. Not a normal day. Usually we get home before 4 pm but tomorrow junior high school students come to check our school out. I don´t know if I ever told about it but I study clothing in vocational school. In year 2011 I´ll graduate and I´ll be a dressmaker/stylist. Cool huh? ;)


ever so sweet. you baked it in cakes for me.

I have a new obsession and it´s candy and fruit accessories. Real candies I can wear as accessories but fruits have to be plastic. Obviously... I´m gonna make more accessories from toys whenever I have time.

Another obsession is reading fashion blogs and fashion sites all night long. Then happens what happened today. I had a trouble waking up, I missed 3 busses and I fell asleep when I came home. Good thing that tomorrow is a Friday.

I´m going to sleep under 2 big blankets. Good night, sleep tight!


Oh shoe!

I was at dentist today and while I was waiting for my turn I read my Elle magazine (UK, February issue). First I saw YSL´s new patent-leather cage boots on page 20 and they just caught my eye. Later they were on pages 65, 147 and 175. And they were called "the sexiest of the season´s black boots". Wow. I want to know what they feel like! As you can expect, they cost a fortune. They are from Yves Saint Laurent after all. I sure don´t have a thousand for shoes.

And how about dentist? I still hate my dentist. It´s like she doesn´t understand that my teeth are in my mouth. Now my teeth are sore and hurting. I can´t wait until I get my braces off.