Bday weekend.

So, these are from the weekend when school ended, we went to see Sex and the City 2, I turned 18 and I moved out of my apartment and back to my family. I had to pee in a forrest (behind me in last pic) when there was no toilet near. I wore heels cuz it was too cold for flat sandals. I went to a bar while still being underage and talked with a guy who used glue and black glitter as lipstick. He said he likes the way I walk in heels. I fell at the stairs at Natalia´s house and got a bruise on my knee. I drank way too much and ate junk food. I jumped on a trampoline with two other girls until someone came to tell us that only one at a time is allowed to jump there. People made fun of my accent as always. I painted my nails black. About 70 people wished me happy birthday. We got a ride in a nice car. It was red. The driver was a man that we didn´t know but he happened to be going to the same direction than we. And he had a nice car. I got free drinks because it was my birthday. I saw a strange looking creature and yelled "what´s that?!". Some woman at the bus stop told me it was a fox. An animal, not Megan. Mostly I just spent time with friends.
It was a nice weekend.


I should wear this blazer all day every day.

(ph. Natalia)

This was a little bit before summer. As you can see I still needed to wear a big scarf. Yellow nail polish was fun but it was a pain to take it off. It left my nails yellow and I had to cover it with red and black nail pohish for the next 2 weeks.


In Ruttopuisto.

(by me. model: Natalia)

Thank you Natalia and everyone else for the nice weekend. See you after two weeks.


This is me.

Last saturday I spent most of my time at the backstage of Olivia magazine´s fashion event. I love fashion events and everytime I get a chance to be involved in one I take it! I was helping with a hand bag fashion show. As this was a bag show the models didn´t change clothes at all. So, my job was to hand the bags to two models and take the bags when they came from the catwalk and then hand new bags. Pretty simple. And lots of fun. I got to touch a Prada! That´s the closest I´ll ever get to Prada.
And after the show what else than hanging out in a park with a friend and drinking cider, taking photos, going to McDonald´s and then having a sleep over. You propaply can´t tell but I was seriously freezing that day.
The third photo kind of makes me giggle because I look like a scary little girl. I turn 18 in two days. June 6th and adulthood here I come.



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I traded my old 7th grade denim jacket for this one. This is a bit longer and the color is lighter. I got this from my little sister´s wardrobe. The Dudesons´s autographs were on the back of this jacket for some reason. I covered them.