World of color.

(via AfricanCreature, THEM THANGS, Knight Cat + some tumblr blogs) 

P.S. Am I the only one who doesn't like new blogger? I like it that now you can post big photos easier but at least in the old one you could make the photos the same size. And no battles with trying to put all the photos in the middle (I've had problems with that... one photo in the middle and the next one on right side).


Something to do.

I've been looking at fw11 fashion shows a lot. Analysing them and picking up trends. Collecting photos and putting them together. It´s a lot of work. But I actually enjoy it. I'm doing it for work though. I think there lives a little workaholic in me. Maybe I will show you something I've been doing lately. But now excuse me... I have something to read!