Livbox December/Joulukuu

December´s Livbox arrived and it´s almost Christmas! So... Livbox is a monthly beauty subscription service in Finland. One of the only few we have. I´ve been watching so many beauty box unboxings on youtube and I was so bummed out I couldn´t find any that would ship internationally. BUT then I found out we do have a box of our own and I went ahead and got myself a 3 month subscription. This is my second box so far. I thought I´d share with anyone who is curious to see what came inside.

 This months box was quite full. Fit for the holiday time. This box usually comes with 4-6 products per month I think. Some are full sizes and some are samples. So far what I´ve got they are usually decent size even for samples. The price for Livbox is about 15e/month.

 GOLDWELL StyleSign Sleek Perfection and StyleSign Hot Form: These are samples of a spray serum and a styling spray for hair straightening. I like getting hair products because I don´t buy hair products by myself that often. Most products that I have are gifted. So, this is a good way of trying new things. These products basically have the same description/instruction; helps straighten the hair, spray before using heat. Serum is more of a protecting product, I suppose.

These are sample sizes (20ml and 30ml). Prices for full size products: 26,70€/100ml and 17,70€/150ml

 ISISPHARMA Ruboril Exbert C: This product made me really happy. This is not something I would have gone out and buy myself but I have been using it every morning and night. It´s for covering redness and to treat couperosa skin. I don´t have couperosa or any visible veins but I do have sensitive skin and the area around my nose and the cheek area under my eyes tend to have redness. Especially after I take a shower or wash my face. It has a green-ish, thick consistency, so, it instantly reduces the redness around my nose and cheeks. But after you´ve applied it feels like nothing is there. I can´t tell for sure if it has any long term effects. If you have couperosa or wish to reduce redness then this is something worth a try.

This is a full size product 17€/15ml

NIVEA Smooth Caring body lotion: This is the kind of sample I don´t really like. This is something you get for free when you buy something. This is also something I could easily go and buy without having to test it out first. Because it´s Nivea. It´s just your good regular body lotion. I mean... I am going to use it! But if you´re a crazy moisturizer like me then you´re only gonna get 2-3 uses out of this. I don´t mind receiving these kind of samples when there´s a decent amount of full products in the box as well and this is just a plus.

This is a sample size (30ml). Price for full size: 4,65€/250ml

only liner / with lipstick on top
MSCHIC Pure Lip Liner: I was really happy to find this in the box. I was really hoping there would be a make up product this time because... well, we all want more make up products don´t we? I was also happy I got a hot pink because I didn´t have one in this color. Unfortunately this has a cold metallic finish to it (not sure if you can see it in the photo). Does someone actually want their lip liner to be metallic? The metallic finish is almost hideable with lipstick but it peeks through a little bit. 
These Pure Lip Lines are made of eco-sertified ingredients such as plant waxes, vegetable oils and antioxidants such as vitamine E. If that´s what you´re looking for in your cosmetics then here´s some.

This is a full size product 15€/1,1g

ELEGANT TOUCH Envy Nail Wraps: These are actually something I have wanted to try. I haven´t yet seen a design that fits my style but I decided to try these anyway. I just did ones on my pinkies. They are indeed quite easy to apply and also easy to take off. I find it impossible to apply these without getting any wrinkles because the stickers are flat and our nails aren´t. I promised to give these to my sister, so, it isn´t a total loss even though I don´t personally like the design for me. I know they had different designs in the boxes. I wonder how many actually got a design they like.


Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli for women / for men
Katy Perry Killer Queen

These are perfume samples. Perfume samples are alright every now and then. I don´t mind them even though I´m very picky with the scents that I use. And often I end up not using these. Obviously it makes no sense to describe these because scents are personal and something that smells bad/good to me might smell really good/bad to you.

That´s about it! I hope you found this somewhat interesting. In this box there´s 33,90€ worth of full size products + all the sample sizes. If you have any questions about any of these products or about the box then leave me a comment below. I already can´t wait to get the next box to see what´s in it. After the next box I will decide if I want to subscribe or if I´ll try another Finnish beauty box.

Oh yea, there was a hot chocolate-spoon-drink in the box aswell.



Last straw

This is a piece I made using straws when I was applying to design school earlier this year. Will I try and apply again next year..? Not sure.


Only ever in dreams

Here´s the result of my project from a week ago. I really love painting and wish I could do this for living. This is my grandma´s backyard. 13-14 hours of joy. Can´t wait for next project to come.

That´s all this time. Bye!


Summer monday

Let me share me and my friend´s shopping day with you. Well, not a lot of shopping was done because apparently little boutiques (this was a little boutique shopping day) are not open on mondays, especially at summer. So, we ended up walking around the neighbourhood and taking photos. Summer is amazing time. In the winter I avoid any contact with the outdoor air but now at summer I´ve been spending all my spare time doing something/anything outdoors. I been walking around the neighbourhood a lot and I found out there´s a sand beach a walk away from my home. And amazing parks. And beautiful old houses. And all this has been hiding around the corner all the time while I´ve been hibernating.

So, to start up the day we went for coffee, of course! We had our coffee and tea at Brooklyn cafe (Fredrikinkatu 19). A very lovely cafe.  It´s one of those cafes that have personality to them, have a nice relaxed feel to them, reasonable prices, nice staff and good coffee. I wish there were more places like that.

Here are the photos from our walk:

We did find a few boutiques to visit that were open. I bought these earrings from a store called OVVN (Iso Roobertinkatu 17-19). They sell clothes and accessories by Finnish designers. These are by Miia Halmesmaa. For 10 euros! I´m happy to have these earrings.

That was the day. Other things I´ve done this summer (so far):
-got wasted. Often.
-took a new tattoo.
-thrift shopping.
-playing guitar.
-suffer from allergies.


Makeup madnes!

I´ve gone crazy over makeup products lately. I love getting new products and trying new things. And not just that but I´ve started following beauty blogs aswell and watching makeup tutorials is my new way to relax. I don´t know what´s happening to me.

When I shop for clothes I´m in control. I know what I want and what I definitely don´t need. I don´t that often find so many things that I like. With makeup it´s the exact opposite. I have no control over myself whatsoever! A few weeks ago there was a sale in an department store near me. I was like a kid in a candy store and grapped a little bit of everything. I am NOT allowing myself to go in cosmetics departments anymore. But here are some things I have purchased lately.

 Lumene: Long-Wear Crystal eyeshadow 23 Ice Crystal and 34 Bluebells

This Finnish brand´s packacking is not one of my favorites but their products are quite good. I already had one eyeshadow from this line but these were on sale, so... It was hard to catch the shades in natural light but the left one is shimmery, shiny, pale pink-ish color which is nice for a night out. It gives a little sparkle without being too princessy. The one on the right is a little bit warmer than it seems in the photo. It´s not very pigmented but I like it because I can wear it in a day-time makeup and it´s not too obvious that I´m wearing purple eyeshadow. 

To be honest I have only used this purpe shadow once. I don´t know if it was a bad coincidence or if I had an allergic reaction to this eyeshadow. The day that I tried it on for the first time my eyes were itchy all day. When I finally got home and took of my makeup it hurt so much it was hard to keep my eyes open. Then my eyes were swollen to the point I started to be really worried. I don´t know if it was because of this eyeshadow but I´m not ready to try again.

 Gosh: Trio Eye Shadow TR22 Limelight and Lipstick 134 Darling

I love Gosh. The packaging is so nice; pretty and simple! I would be lying if I said I wasn´t more drawn to products that have nice design. This is my new favorite lipstick. It´s a pretty nude-ish color without being too pale or too close to skin tone. At least for me. I think this is a color that will look fabulous on some and awful on the rest. Depending on your skin tone. The texture is very creamy and feels moisturizing. Love. My second favorite lipstick is also from Gosh. And my favorite liquid liners are from Gosh too! Oh gosh... 

Then this trio eyeshadow is something I grapped from the -50% table. I don´t know why I thought I could rock these colors (pastel lime, gold-ish yellow, sky blue)..? They are all shimmery, a little sheer and feel soft. Maybe I will try them out soon.

 MaxFactor: Lasting Performance 100 Fair

I´ve had trouble finding a foundation to match my skin tone (that would be pasty) and this one is the closest so far even though it´s a liiiiitle bit too dark. But I´m hoping summer will change that problem. Summer is when my skin tone changes from "I´m dying" to "I´m alive but I haven´t been outside for years". This foundation is good for me because my foundation needs to be liquid (my skin gets dry easily) and I´m not looking for a heavy coverage. If you´re looking for full on coverage then I don´t think this is for you.
 IsaDora: Velvet Touch Compact Powder 10 Sheer transparent

This is one of the products you try and then you wonder how you ever lived without it. Seriously. This is my most trusted beauty product of the moment. The texture is very fine. I used to wear loose powder before because all the compact powders I tried made my skin tone look off. Then with loose powder I had the problem that it could easily make my skin look dry. This one doesn´t change my skin tone, doesn´t make my skin look dry or cakey, it feels very soft... It´s the very best thing in the world!

 Maybelline New York: Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h 01 Intense Black

 I very much like this eyeliner because it´s super easy to apply. It makes a very strong and sharp line. I also like the design of it. But I´m not completely convinced that it lasts 24 hours. Especially if it´s a thick line with a thick layer of product on it. I accidentaly rubbed on my wing at a party and had to re-draw it (emergency eyeliner pen in my purse). I think it lasts well as long as you don´t rub it. I still like this eyeliner though. But NO rubbing!

We Care Icon: Magnetic Eyes eyeshadow 07 Perfect Syren and Party Wear glow highlighter

This brand was completely new to me but it caught my eye because Laura Laine illustrated the packaging. Both of these products were on sale which is why I thought I´d give it a try. The light purple eyeshadow is very sheer, almost invisible. You really need to layer it up for it to be visible. The highlighter has too much pink/bronze glitter in it. You can only add it on your cheek bones, so, it doesn´t work very well ass a highlighter. Also I think it wears of quite easily. I don´t think I would buy from this brand again.

More about the Sleek Makeup palettes later...


Spring / kevät!

I´m so excited that spring is finally (almost... There´s still a bit of snow here and there.) here. It was actually sunny about an hour before we started playing with the camera but it´s still freezing. Trust me... I was rebelling against the weather with my bare ankles. But yay, spring! Spring is when you make plans for the summer. Here´s what I plan on doing:

-Roadtrip! Me and my friend Nata have been thinking about driving around the Turku archipelago ring road (a long road that goes from island to island with bridges and ferries). It´s gonna be awesome! It´s something I´ve wanted to do for a long time.
-Flow festival in Helsinki.
-I would love to visit Uppsala and Stockholm in Sweden again. I could maybe practise my Swedish.
-Spend a lot of time on the beach. Unless it´s a super cold summer again like last year..
-Consume a lot of ice cream and strawberries.
-Party hard and often. Summers are for spending time in parks on friday nights and for drinks on a terrace.
-Take a lot of photos.
-Maybe learn to play guitar again.

What are your plans for the summer?


Life through instagram

Like I said... The last few months have been busy for me. First: I was sick for 3 months. 3 months!!! 5 doctor appointments, 2 rounds of lab tests, 1 lung x-ray and 2 antibiotics later I'm finally getting my energy back and I feel great. So, because of that and other things I haven't really had an interesting life lately.

 1. Cafes are still one of my favorite spots to hang out.
2. A drawing I made a while ago. I need to do more of it.
3. Drawings on my friend´s wrists. I need to do less of this.
4. Mango mojitos. The best drinks I know right now! Mbar, Helsinki.
5. Some ballpoint pen on Daphne. When I was a kid me and my friend used to draw makeup on celebs in her mom`s gossip magazines. It was a lot of fun.
6. Spring time in Helsinki.
7. Confetti nails. (I have this nail look on right now.)
8. A card my dear friend Tama sent me from Japan. Tadanori Yokoo´s graphics. Love!

(I just realized not all of these are from instagram, just otherwise crappy iPhone photos.)


Vogue Paris: Suvi Koponen

This is sort of old news but I am happy to see a Finnish girl rockin´ the cover of French Vogue.

I´ve been stressing my butt off drawing/designing things that I sent for design schools I´m applying to. Maybe I´ll post some photos of the things I´ve been working on. It feels weird having spare time now and being able to do whatever I want to do, not just what I have to do. I also lately started in a new job, so, I could say things are going pretty well. It´s spring and I feel inspired to do creative things.