I don't want to be alone. I want to be left alone.

When I go secondhand shopping I especially like to buy accessories. Jewelry, bags, shoes and belts. You can find treasures. Unique things that not many people have. But when it comes to clothes you might not be able to try them on and you don't know if they fit or not. Accessories work always.


Breakfast at Tiffany's

I fell in love.

Let's go out and dance

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I'm happy. I finally found good leather shoes that I like. They are so pretty. They are perfect. Actually I took these photos 1 and a half weeks after I bought these babes. That's why they look dirty. They are so good to walk with and they go with everything I wear.

There's no denying that pretty shoes can make you happy.

On the site note: I got a new baby cousin last Saturday! It's a boy. I was wishing for a girl but he's so cute that I'll forgive him for being a boy.



La Mode pour les Créateurs

For a person who makes clothes, or designs them, a fabric store is like a candy shop. I never want to leave empty handed. That's why I shouldn't go there if I'm not looking for something special.

Today I needed to buy fabric for a dress that I'm making and I found this dark blue satin. I wanted even darker blue chantung-satin but they didn't have that so I needed to take this instead. And then I bought this striped fabric. I'll probably make a scarf of it.

I made promises yesterday! I will be....
a better student,
a better blogger,
better at kung fu
and I will be a better person.