I had this white scarf that was about 2 m long and I got tired of it. It was very warm and comfy but it always took forever to put it on because I had to wrap it around my neck about 4 times. I decided to sew it like this, so that I can only pull it over my head and that´s it. I like it more now!


VIP= Volume Is Poison

If some of you happened to be around Helsinki´s Forum last night 7pm-9pm, I´m sure you noticed the "VIP"-event in H&M. You could only get in with an invitation (shown above). There was free snacks and drinks and everything was 20% off. That´s why I almost didn´t go, because I was sure that I´d be broke after it. But it was H&M after all, so I didn´t even find anything interesting enought to buy. I´ve become quite picky lately. But it´s just good!

I promised myself that I would never post food porn but yeah...
These are the 2 stylists that styled 4 or 5 girls. And then the styled girls too... I don´t think I´d like to be styled. I wouldn´t like someone telling me what to wear.

When I left I got a bag that had these inside.


OMFG this bag is sooo made for kidnapping!! :O

A friend gave me a link to this bag. Raf Simons Eastpak. If this bag is not huge I don´t know what is! It´s like it´s made for kidnapping. I´m sure you can fit 2 little children or a small woman in it. Kidnap bag or not, it´s kinda rad! I wonder what I would look like with this bag. Ok, I know that it´s a men´s bag and I also know that I would look stupid because the bag must be almost as big as I am.


grab your hair-drier and come out with me to smelt the snow with it

I went to asos.com to just watch some shoes. Must enjoy shoe porn, right?
These are also available in black. For about 70£

These are only about 30£ which is not bad at all.

I need shoes that are not black like most of my shoes are. Does someone know how to do magic? I want the snow to go away. I´m not sure if my awesome idea of smelting snow with a hair-drier would work. If you try it, let me know what happens!

Give me your male models when you quit Number (N)ine!

Did everyone already hear the sad news? Number (N)ine is going to quit. Which I don´t just understand. They got so much attention after the 2009 collection came out. Their photos have been on almost every blog (which is why I decided to only put up one). It was the designer¨s, Takahiro Miyashita´s decision. And after all, I appreciate it. Some may think that I´m not loosing much because I don´t even wear their clothes. But I think this last collection is very inspiring. And what is the most amazing way to leave the industry than making a killer collection like this? I´m still amazed. Let´s all wish only good for Takahiro Miyashita.


"i want to drink that blue liquid in that coca cola bottle"."don´t! it´s window cleaner!"

It´s 1.20am so it´s basicly Sunday already. That means that school starts tomorrow and I´ll be going home tonight. I´ve been in Turku for a week now. I was at Tuuli´s bday party on last Saturday and then I went to Wild´s (Wild is a night club) bday party with Kata and Anni on Tuesday. And what else have I done? Well... I´ve slept well and I´ve seen friends. Which is good because it´ll be April when I have time to come here again. And I went to see movies with Veera one day. We saw a finnish movie called Kielletty hedelmä. I haven´t chosen yet if I liked it or not haha. And I found a perfect bag and I didn´t buy it and now I kind of regret that I didn´t! But yea... I´m still trying to save money!

10 points for the one who knows where the last picture was taken.


F/W 2009 (part 2)

Koi Suwannagate

Koi invented white pants that actually makes your legs look slimmer. Clever.


One of my favorite designers! Their collections make me ALWAYS go crazy. I want to get married in Marchesa´s dress.


What can I say? The first thing that caught my eye were the hats.


I love this dress and those leather pants over dark blue thights.


Pink pants? Yes thanks, if they are ADAM´s ;)


I like this boho/rock-chick-look that Anna Sui created.


Phillip Lim did a great job. I love everything about this collection. I went all "oh look at that dress, look at those pants, look at that jacket!" when I saw these.

Tory Burch had some very wearable stuff too! I would honestly wear everything in their collection.