Gothenburg photo diary

A few weeks ago I traveled to Gothenburg in Sweden to visit a friend for a few days. I travelled light and I only stayed two days. Two days is not a lot of time to do stuff but we did walk around the town and take a boat to an island. We sat by the sea and he took a nap while I collected seashells and put flowers in my hair. You know... good times.



Memories on polaroid

Photos are so much better on paper. My friend Natalia took these photos with her new polaroid camera last weekend. And about 30 seconds later I took a photo of them with my phone. OF COURSE. 

We looked through some really old photos on my friend´s laptop and I realized that I´ve completely stopped blogging. I used to carry a big camera everywhere I went and we took dozens of photos of each other (and coffee) whenever we did anything. Now it´s just a few photos here and there with the phone. I blame instagram. It´s so fast and easy to put photos there that I´ve forgotten why I used to blog. From now on I´ll try to make it 1-2 times a week.

Only two more things:
1. I want a polaroid camera.
2. Summer nights are probably the best thing in life.


First summer dress of summer 2015

 I think it was either February or March when I made this summer dress. Since then I´ve been waiting for the weathers that allow wearing it. Last saturday I got to wear it for the first time even though I´m telling you... It looks much warmer than it was! I was on this island (Suomenlinna) in front of Helsinki with my friend and her dog. The sun was hot but the wind was cold. I love this place and I can´t wait for the heat wave so that we can go there and swim too.

But I absolutely love this dress! It´s so simple and easy. It´s lightweight viscose with black and white print. It makes me feel like I´m a movie star in the riviera.