House of Harlow 1960

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knit tutorial

I´ve been asked to make a tutorial for this so I finally decided to post it. First you need a shirt and you need to cut it like this shirt or how ever you want to cut it. Remember that after doing this, your shirt will be smaller and and shorter. How much? It denpends on how much you do this, like how many knitted parts you do and so on. In my top I repeated this 3 times on 1 area on the back and 2 times on 2 areas on front and it went from L to XS but the knitted parts are quite tretchy. My top was also long and it became normal lenght.

So now you´ve cut your top. Make smaller holes like in the picture. I made 2 here even though maybe 1 would have been enough because the area is so small.

Take the strip above the small hole and pull it trough it from the behind(! this is important because otherwise it´ll look different)

Then take the next strip and pull it through the earlier strip that went through the whole you made in the beginning.

Continue doing that until there are no more strips left and then sew the last 1 where the knitted part ends. Then do this again next to the other 1 if you want.

I´m sorry that my explanation might have been a little complicated but I hope the pics show you better how to do that. It´s really easy. I learned it accidentaly, so if you know how to knit, I´m sure you´ll figure this out. Oh, and the magazine was inside the shirt so that it wouldn´t look too complicated and so that I wouldn´t accidentaly take fringes from the other side of the shirt.

I have to say that I´m not happy with how the hem ended up looking so I just hid it under a skirt. If you have any questions, I´d be happy to answer :)