Pick your colors.

Honeysuckle, Silver Peony and Lavender.
Though I'm all about white. White shorts, shirts, nail polish... white white white.


"This pool party needs more guests."

style and photos: by me
model: Natalia

These photos are from my so-called photoshoot with Natalia. I had this school project where I had to choose a friend or a family member and use their wardrobe to style 3 different outfits and then take photos of the outfits in an environment that goes well with the theme. 

This is one of the outfits I photographed. This is the party outfit. When we talked about this project at school I think I said as a joke that I'll put her on a hot tub. Well,I did. I even cut stars of folio paper. I wanted to put the hair up but since I'm not very good with hair and I'm not very patient so this is more like "a ponytail and a few hair clips here and there- voĆ­la!" kind of hair do.

I enjoyed doing this project. I even made her wear heels. She barely never does. And it was funny 'cause she wouldn't walk 5m away from their front yard with them. Which is understandable 'cause of the weather. When I look at the photos now I think I should've used some other settings on the camera. Everything else is sharp but the face. But it's ok. I'm learning.


4th time during the last few years.

I moved to a new room a week ago. When I moved to my old room (6 months ago) I said I would make the room pretty and take photos of some things that I have there. But obviously that didn´t happen. Here's two photos I took before I moved. Some kind of inspiration/memoryboard and the only plant I ever managed to keep alive.


Happy new year 2011!

I just realized that a new decade started a year ago. I´m not going to promise too many things this year. 2010 was good, 2011 will be better!