I added this designer to my MySpace a long time ago. And I´m never on MySpace so I kind of accidentaly found it again. I think this is the S/S 09 collection. That male model with blonde hair reminds me of Mike Monroe for some reason. Maybe it´s the hair?

Let´s pretend that we are birds.



"Living in a magpie’s nest. Speckled eggs and feathers, the magpie’s black eye, collecting strange things and shiny stuff. Fake jewellery, bolts, watches, a silver spoon, metal pieces, an old worn denim jacket, keys and candy sticks develop into prints, shapes and heavy beading. The collection takes inspiration from the universe inside and around a magpie’s nest."


Barbara Bui S/S09 ad

And I can´t help mentioning that Barbara reminds me of Barbapapa.
(source google)


Rockfashion was fashion show and a VIP event that was kept on thursday at Korjaamo. I was at Korjaamo for almost 11 hours because I was dressing the models. Or actually I was dressing one model but it was enough work because she had 9 outfits and we were in a hurry all the time. I loved it anyway. It was something I could do every day. If I got paid of course. We were there dressing because our class was asked to come help with dressing. I love oportunities like this and I don´t understand why some kept complaining.

We went trough the clothes on wednesday when we also taped the shoes. I wish I would have taken more photos but I just honestly didn´t have time. These were taken at the practises on thursday morning when the clothes were still next to the runway. Photos of the show will be soon added to rockfashion.fi. Just go to "Galleria" and choose "näytöskuvat".

I don´t have much bad to say. I had fun and I enjoyed it. Models were nice, so there was no drama.


you go showgirls!

I was looking for some awesome latex shoes that I saw on a French Vogue and I ran into Atsuko Kudo´s couture latex clothes and shoes (I did think that I just entered a sex store though). I especially like the showgirl shoes and some accesories. And I of course like the photos and the site. Definately worth a look!
Let´s talk about those last shoes! How can one walk with them??? Seriously... I usually think that almost everything is somehow wearable. But for some reason I think that walking with those shoes would be very slow and maybe a little painful. And maybe it would also look a little retarted or what do you think?

(If you are wondering why I thought it was a sex store, you need to check it out yourself. I picked out very nice pics. All the pics are from atsukokudo.com)


DIY idea

Remember the knitting tutorial I made? Well, my friend used that same technique when she made these leggings. Why didn´t I think about that? I think they are pretty rad and are not that complicated to do from old leggings. First you just need to slash the sides and then knit it like in the tut. Niceee :)