Where is my motivation to do anything?

So much to do and I just feel like chilling on the sofa and watching tv and drinking hot chocolate. I allowed myself to do that tonight but that means I have to work harder next week. Thats what I do pretty much all the time. I make myself really busy with everything.

That photo is of an "inspiration" board that is in a corner in my living room. I dont really feel like its an inspiration board but I dont know what else to call it. I just put whatever on it. Stuff I cut of magazines, movie tickets, other tickets, notes and drawings, a feather, mask... Just whatever.
Today I missed my dad for the first time so far.


Shoe joy

FIRST:I accidentaly clicked enter when I was supposed to edit this post and I posted it when it wasnt finished and i hope no1 saw it. Im using moms stupid minilappy that I cant use !!!!!!

I just wanted to show these shoes that I bought and am in love with!!


Almost over...



1. My lovely cousin. Isnt he cute?? ;p I was babysitting him for 3 days after xmas. This photo was taken in our pirate ship ;)
2. The captain of me and my cousin´s pirate ship.
3. The cookie house, I mean tower, that I made with my sister. Guess what story :p PS. the roof was the best part to eat.
4. I figured my outfit needed a belt. So, I made 1. Of a newspaper and tape. Just to kill time.
Xmas holidays was so NEEDED.
Soon its over and I have to go back to school.
Year 2010 is gonna be so good!