Monki, Helsinki, 1-years-old

Monki´s birthday party last weekend. A night that included champagne, strawberry margaritas, girl talk... and ended with Breakfast at Tiffany's. Soap bubble machine = very good invention.


I took this jacket...

...and turned it into this waistcoat. Simply because I couldn't stand having a piece of clothing in my wardrobe that I do not wear. The story behind it is complicated. First I was supposed to make it a huge backpack for festival clothes. Then I decided to alter it to a shorter and fitter version of the jacket it was. Then after cutting it to pieces I decided to make it a jacket but somewhere on the way I lost the sleeves. Not literally, after all, but I thought jackets are boring. I bet it already got more use as a waistcoat than as the jacket it was. I wear it over my denim jacket on rainy days.


Just because something is pink doesn´t mean it tastes good.


There was a press event at Miltton Showroom a few weeks ago and I visited with a friend. I'm not exactly press but I used to intern at Miltton, so you could say I've been there quite a few times. Press events are fun! Lots of new things and good food. I forgot to charge my camera, that's why the lack of proper photos. Always ready? No... I must say Miltton got much more interesting now when they have more young Finnish designers. Like Linda Sipilä, who just recently won Finnish Project Runway. The pr-people tried to make everyone put mix-matching color lenses on but I unfortunately couldn´t join that fun because I had my own contact lenses on. Without them I am blind.


I´m a dressmaker.

Some jewelry I made last summer or fall I think. I´m finishing my portfolio at school now. I´m quite happy that I graduate in a few weeks. Now I´m working on a jacket I bought last summer and I´m alternating it.

My laptop is broken and the mini laptop I´m using instead works only 1 hour at a time. I only use internet at school or on my phone at the moment. I keep reblogging photos on my tumblr with my phone, until I get a better laptop for blogging.