Trash is treasure 10/16/2010

What is "Trash is treasure"?
-An event where stylish people gather to sell and buy things. There were stylists and fashion bloggers selling their own trash/treasures and everyone was invited to come buy it. This took place in Miltton showroom. Apparently this happens every year.

Anyway! I was there working and I had some time to take some crappy photos. The whole thing was a lot of fun! I got to see interesting people (and lots of hair buns. Apparently Finnish people can't get enough of this trend.). It was a good day. On my way away from the showroom some foreign trend forecaster wanted to take my photo for a fashion blog! That's something new to me.


Your favorite things can never get too much love from you.

Hmmm. Yup. That's all about it.

Though this jacket is not one of those. It's really dirty and I'm too lazy and broke to get it cleaned. And it's a little too big also. It bothers me. I guess I'll put it away for a while.