Only ever in dreams

Here´s the result of my project from a week ago. I really love painting and wish I could do this for living. This is my grandma´s backyard. 13-14 hours of joy. Can´t wait for next project to come.

That´s all this time. Bye!


Summer monday

Let me share me and my friend´s shopping day with you. Well, not a lot of shopping was done because apparently little boutiques (this was a little boutique shopping day) are not open on mondays, especially at summer. So, we ended up walking around the neighbourhood and taking photos. Summer is amazing time. In the winter I avoid any contact with the outdoor air but now at summer I´ve been spending all my spare time doing something/anything outdoors. I been walking around the neighbourhood a lot and I found out there´s a sand beach a walk away from my home. And amazing parks. And beautiful old houses. And all this has been hiding around the corner all the time while I´ve been hibernating.

So, to start up the day we went for coffee, of course! We had our coffee and tea at Brooklyn cafe (Fredrikinkatu 19). A very lovely cafe.  It´s one of those cafes that have personality to them, have a nice relaxed feel to them, reasonable prices, nice staff and good coffee. I wish there were more places like that.

Here are the photos from our walk:

We did find a few boutiques to visit that were open. I bought these earrings from a store called OVVN (Iso Roobertinkatu 17-19). They sell clothes and accessories by Finnish designers. These are by Miia Halmesmaa. For 10 euros! I´m happy to have these earrings.

That was the day. Other things I´ve done this summer (so far):
-got wasted. Often.
-took a new tattoo.
-thrift shopping.
-playing guitar.
-suffer from allergies.