Givenchy FW15-16 fashion illustration

I really loved the face jewellery in this show. That´s what inspired me to draw this. It was actually the inspiration for my "halloween" look last year as well.


My millinery work

 (photos Sami Kokko)

I started studying millinery last fall pretty much by accident. But I´m very happy with that decision. I used to think clothes were what I wanted to do but lately I have fallen in love with hats and other accessories. Leather as a material is especially interesting to me. 

Here are some photos (taken by beau) of my most worn hats so far. They are both made by me of course. First one is a fur felt hat that is shaped by hand. Second one can be worn two ways and is made of wool fabric. Dark grey seems to be a theme here. It´s softer than black but just as neutral. I cant wait for warmer weathers so I can start wearing different kinds of hats. I´ve been working on a lot of things lately and I will try and share more of them.


Morocco photo diary: Marrakech


So, here it is. Last city of my little Moroccan trip. I´m glad I visited Marrakech last because out of all the places I visited it was the most touristy place. The gardens and Jemaa el Fna at night made it worth it though. It was much hotter here, so, I spent more time sitting in the shade drinking tea, writing postcards and just chilling than in other places.

My favorite place must have been Yve Saint Laurent´s garden. He´s one of my favorite designers, so, of course I had to see the garden and visit his memorial when there. I absolutely loved that place. Me and my sketchbook could have spend forever there. So pretty with all the colors.

Second favorite thing was deffinitely Jemaa el Fna at night. A receptionist at my hostel warned me that it can be overwhelming but I didn´t think so. There were people playing music, dancing, performing, doing henna... So much life. 

My trip was shorter than I wished because I had to get back to school. I might return to discover the rest of Morocco some day.