Light shakes and ice teas.

(Photos 1-4 by Natalia and 4-6 by me)

The thing is that my friend Natalia got a good camera for bday present and we just had to go play with it (while she was actually supposed to be on a class). I´m so jealous and I want a new better camera too BUT she lets me play with hers, so, I´m happy. Actually we were supposed to take photos of the jacket that she made for a school thing but we ended up taking like 200 (!?) photos and most of them weren´t even really about the jacket.

Oh, and in case you didn´t know, I´m the girl with black hair and maxi dress. I don´t post photos of myself too often, do I? Yea. One reason is that I get really awkward in front of a camera. I just don´t know what to do or how to be. Maybe I´ll learn.

I´m in love with that dress. It´s the easiest and comfiest thing ever. You just pull it on and it´s there. I didn´t think that maxis are something I would wear but when I tried it on a few weeks ago I just knew I had to get it. I have to admit that it´s from H&M and it was to mid-calf on a doll but I´m short, so, it´s all the way to ankles on me. The denim jacket is from 7th grade.