Take away coffee and ice cream.

This outfit is from about a week ago. A day before the heat wave hit Finland. I didn´t remember this blazer untill Nata said that she looked at my older posts and then she asked if I still have it. I thought I don´t like it anymore but actually I kind of do.


I´m being mysterious.

So, you can only guess what I was wearing that day. I was messing around with Nata again. I bought lots of nice things. Thifted supercool sunglasses and a dress, a dress shirt (the white shirt in the photos above) and a skirt from Gina Tricot sales and nude fishnets. All this for 15,70€.


Think of a wonderful thought.

(photos by Natalia. jacket- Mango, scarf- Lindex, bag- Glitter, shoes- DinSko, dress- Vero Moda)

I went to see Desert Flower with Nata. It was really good.
We went to a cafe before that. The lady forgot our bagel (check out my *waiting for my bagel* face on the 3rd photo). I was starving. I eat a lot.


I want to hug a boy.

These are some of my school works from a while ago. The first one is supposed to be a color collage of my life. Past, now and future. I made it by cutting images and colors from different magazines. It´s size A2.

Second one is a designing task. We had to design performing outfits for a band of 7 girls. All the girls have different body types and the outfits should hide their flaws. Also, as they are performing outfits, they should be colorful and matching. Body types from left to right: Y, "normal", A, small X, O, tall H and small H. I used markers and water color pencils. This is in size A3.


A dream is a wish your heart makes.

(photos by nata)

Two outfits posts in a row is something new for me. Denim jacket, scarf, arm-warmers and black clothes are my uniform. I know I´m boring. These photos are from a saturday when we went thrifting in the morning and then went to eat bagels to a coffee shop.

Do I really need to tell where my clothes came from? Ok...

dress- H&M (maxi dress made shorter),
denim jacket- KappAhl,
boots- Andiamo or DinSko,
scarf- H&M,
arm-warmers and cloves- God knows where,
leather backpack- thrifted,
belts- thrifted,
black jacket- borrowed from the photographer,
heels- DinSko

I told you I´m boring. I love my leather backpack and wearing several belts at once.