These amazing illustrations are by a swedish woman called Hannah Muller (aka. Myltan). Watching them makes me feel like drawing more.
I just drew a ballerina with ink and watercolor pencils. Then I think I accidentaly drank the water I used with the watercolor pencils. It tasted normal and I havent died yet, so, maybe I´ll survive...
(found via cyanatrendland)

Bunny Vs. Kitty



What will you put on for Halloween this year???


Alexander McQueen S/S10

Let the photos do the talking. This collection is insane. We can´t argue about that. Like it or not.


I chose these shoes over food.

Yes! Boots. They go over the knee. Buckles. Secondhand? Well, yes but they are like new! I paid 12€ for them. That´s about how much I had for the rest of the week´s food. But it´s OK because I have new shoes now. Isn´t it funny when you don´t even care that you have to starve the rest of the week because you have new shoes. Sometimes you can even put "I´m so upset that he... OMG look at those shoes!" in the same sentence. And oh, btw I was so upset at the secondhand store because I couldn´t find a pair for this shoe and it would have been just my luck... but then! My friend noticed that there was only one pair of everything. The other pairs were in the back.

And I decided to update my old hat and I tiched some fabric pieces on it. I found them when I tried to clean up my sewing table at home (note: TRIED. It still looks the same. I don´t even dare to post a pic of it.). I wish I could still be wearing gladiator sandlas but I happen to live in the north pole and I HAVE TO wear hats and wool socks already. It´s almost minus celsius and we got wet snow today.

I thought it would be nice to end this post to these earrings that I made. I have them in blue too. They are made of modelling material and I baked them in my oven! I just don´t know yet what to do with all of them.


Last post about school works for some time.

Last photos that I took of my messy working table at school. I think I somehow managed to load the same amount MORE stuff on it. And it didn´t bother me until the day when I had to clean it up. Because we have an internship again! This time for 8 weeks. I start tomorrow.

The point of this post was to post a pic of that headband that I made. I was supposed to make another one too but the flower I made for it looked like an onion, so, I decided not to finish it. I don´t think anyone would want to go out having an onion on their head (unless they want to scare vampires away. But I don´t think fake onions would help with that...)... I wouldn´t!