1. My school table. As clean and organized as usual.
2. My beautiful friend Siiri.
3. In our classroom there´s a shelf full of fashion magazines from different countries since the 80´s. I think I grapped this page from an old Vogue.
4. My beautiful friend Senna (who´s fringe I braided).
5. Some of my makeup things and a makeup plan for a day-makeup. I still study fashion but I have some makeup and hair lessons as part of my stylist courses.


Recent finds.

I actually thought I could go treasure hunting to a secondhand market with Natalia without buying anything. You might have already realised how that worked out.

There were two old ladies selling jewelry and accessories that they had been collecting since the 60's. We couldn't help but wonder why someone would want to sell away beautiful things that they had been collecting for years.


Photo treasures pt. 1

1. At a café.
2. Friend's bday party preparation.
3. Drinks at Amarillo.
4. Samsoe samsoe shoes.
5. and 6. My bday in June.


Coffee time.

I wonder how much time me and Nata have spent at cafés. Especially in this particular café! Last time we went there Natalia noted that most of the indoor photos in her blog have the same background, the walls of Wayne's Coffee in Kamppi. We were probably here talking about fashion (as usually) when we decided that we will start a fashion magazine in 5 years.


New baby!

Yes! Finally I got a new camera* (which works this time). Unfortunately I haven't had much time to play with it yet. But I did take some photos of the gloomy, dark and rainy Helsinki today. Can't wait 'till I learn to use it properly!

*it's Canon EOS 1000D. I do know it's not the best camera on the market but it's good enough to make me happy.


Saturday night out.

via inthecity

Natalia and me in Butterfly last night. Some guy from inthecity.fi wanted to take our photo. I love the site but I can't really check out the galleries because it makes my laptop super slow. Sad. I'm pretty sure I'm drinking Sex on the beach here. What a nice night it was. I need to take a better photo of the dress that I'm wearing.


This almost looks like art.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I got a new camera today. I was so happy! I swear that I smiled all the way home from the post office while hugging the box. Then I opened the box just to find out that my camera is already broken! All the photos look more or less like those two photos above. Now I have to put my baby back in a box and send it away...


Lanvin x H&M

So, this is what people have been waiting for. The video is completely random but there's of course nothing wrong with that. And I did see something I want to try on. There's some nice LBDs and some jackets but I need to see them in store and touch them before I can say if I want them.

Lanvin x H&M in stores and online on November 23rd.

*EDIT* I didn't try on anything. 


I like.


This is creepy I know. Real human teeth and all. I somehow ended up to check out Polly van der Glas´s work on her site (link under the photo) and I was both creeped out and amazed. Because they have accessories made of human teeth and hair AND I actually like it! Would it be weird to wear someone else's teeth? They´d probably make these with your own teeth if you send them to them. Which reminded me of something I read on their site:

"Teeth are particularly difficult to come by, so any donations are gratefully accepted."


Trash is treasure 10/16/2010

What is "Trash is treasure"?
-An event where stylish people gather to sell and buy things. There were stylists and fashion bloggers selling their own trash/treasures and everyone was invited to come buy it. This took place in Miltton showroom. Apparently this happens every year.

Anyway! I was there working and I had some time to take some crappy photos. The whole thing was a lot of fun! I got to see interesting people (and lots of hair buns. Apparently Finnish people can't get enough of this trend.). It was a good day. On my way away from the showroom some foreign trend forecaster wanted to take my photo for a fashion blog! That's something new to me.


Your favorite things can never get too much love from you.

Hmmm. Yup. That's all about it.

Though this jacket is not one of those. It's really dirty and I'm too lazy and broke to get it cleaned. And it's a little too big also. It bothers me. I guess I'll put it away for a while.


I don't want to be alone. I want to be left alone.

When I go secondhand shopping I especially like to buy accessories. Jewelry, bags, shoes and belts. You can find treasures. Unique things that not many people have. But when it comes to clothes you might not be able to try them on and you don't know if they fit or not. Accessories work always.