Can you believe it took me 2 days to write this post...

(source: shopbop.com)

Now it´s official. Summer is over and my school started yesterday. I completely missed the whole summer. I didn´t do much anything but isn´t that the point of the summer break??

Today I started my internship at Antti Asplund´s showroom/store. It´s called Block and during the next 4 weeks you´ll find me there instead of school. I got to sew dresses! It´s cool. Am I the only 1 who enjoys sewing samples?

I know secrets (don´t ask what secrets because I can´t/don´t want to tell).


bryna said...

ah ha, now i am so curious about your secrets.

Jenna said...

yes, but if i told you i´d have to kill you :/:)