Last post about school works for some time.

Last photos that I took of my messy working table at school. I think I somehow managed to load the same amount MORE stuff on it. And it didn´t bother me until the day when I had to clean it up. Because we have an internship again! This time for 8 weeks. I start tomorrow.

The point of this post was to post a pic of that headband that I made. I was supposed to make another one too but the flower I made for it looked like an onion, so, I decided not to finish it. I don´t think anyone would want to go out having an onion on their head (unless they want to scare vampires away. But I don´t think fake onions would help with that...)... I wouldn´t!


emily said...

oh well, the blue flower turned out great!

Jenna said...

thank you!! you always leave so nice comments :)