1. My school table. As clean and organized as usual.
2. My beautiful friend Siiri.
3. In our classroom there´s a shelf full of fashion magazines from different countries since the 80´s. I think I grapped this page from an old Vogue.
4. My beautiful friend Senna (who´s fringe I braided).
5. Some of my makeup things and a makeup plan for a day-makeup. I still study fashion but I have some makeup and hair lessons as part of my stylist courses.


natalia said...

Oisko style- kurssilta? :)

Maria Chloe said...

lovely, i love your friends hair!

Lizelisabeth said...

hi girly! I really looove your blog!! you always put amazing photos!!! And please please do teach me how to make that braid.......... tanks for visiting me doll! Follow you now.. ;)


WENDY said...

OMG love love love the braids!
And how fun it is to be able to study on makeup and hair, it's something I wished to do someday :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year btw!


Fedulab said...

Perfect make up and hair style

Happy new year!

helena said...

Whoa never thought those are school pics.. They look quite fashionable haha!
Guess you got an awesome school then?

valncami said...

cute photos! and your friends are really pretty. love senna's braid! your blog is so great! maybe you would like to follow each other? let us know <3

hope you'll come and visit us soon!
xo, camilla & valerie