A dream is a wish your heart makes.

(photos by nata)

Two outfits posts in a row is something new for me. Denim jacket, scarf, arm-warmers and black clothes are my uniform. I know I´m boring. These photos are from a saturday when we went thrifting in the morning and then went to eat bagels to a coffee shop.

Do I really need to tell where my clothes came from? Ok...

dress- H&M (maxi dress made shorter),
denim jacket- KappAhl,
boots- Andiamo or DinSko,
scarf- H&M,
arm-warmers and cloves- God knows where,
leather backpack- thrifted,
belts- thrifted,
black jacket- borrowed from the photographer,
heels- DinSko

I told you I´m boring. I love my leather backpack and wearing several belts at once.


Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Those ankle boots are supper yummy! Love em.

emily viveur said...

love these looks, especially the denim jacket and the boots!