La Mode pour les Créateurs

For a person who makes clothes, or designs them, a fabric store is like a candy shop. I never want to leave empty handed. That's why I shouldn't go there if I'm not looking for something special.

Today I needed to buy fabric for a dress that I'm making and I found this dark blue satin. I wanted even darker blue chantung-satin but they didn't have that so I needed to take this instead. And then I bought this striped fabric. I'll probably make a scarf of it.

I made promises yesterday! I will be....
a better student,
a better blogger,
better at kung fu
and I will be a better person.


natalia said...

hyvä ihminen! just joo.. :)

natalia said...

yhyy, en löydä niitä kenkiä! :( sori, mee jeffrey campellin sivuille. vois ehkä onnistaa?