Something to do.

I've been looking at fw11 fashion shows a lot. Analysing them and picking up trends. Collecting photos and putting them together. It´s a lot of work. But I actually enjoy it. I'm doing it for work though. I think there lives a little workaholic in me. Maybe I will show you something I've been doing lately. But now excuse me... I have something to read!

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Elena said...

Tony, Cassie and Maxxie, the ones that made me love skins. New season can't really measure up.

I wish I was better at doing what I should be doing. But I am a teen, so I'll use that as an excuse for now. Though what I do now kind of shapes my future. Hard life, haha

Please show us some of your work. I would love to see your view on the fw11, or something else for that matter