Memories on polaroid

Photos are so much better on paper. My friend Natalia took these photos with her new polaroid camera last weekend. And about 30 seconds later I took a photo of them with my phone. OF COURSE. 

We looked through some really old photos on my friend´s laptop and I realized that I´ve completely stopped blogging. I used to carry a big camera everywhere I went and we took dozens of photos of each other (and coffee) whenever we did anything. Now it´s just a few photos here and there with the phone. I blame instagram. It´s so fast and easy to put photos there that I´ve forgotten why I used to blog. From now on I´ll try to make it 1-2 times a week.

Only two more things:
1. I want a polaroid camera.
2. Summer nights are probably the best thing in life.

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Anonymous said...

hyviä päätöksiä ja tavoitteita! :) Natalia