Morocco photo diary: Marrakech


So, here it is. Last city of my little Moroccan trip. I´m glad I visited Marrakech last because out of all the places I visited it was the most touristy place. The gardens and Jemaa el Fna at night made it worth it though. It was much hotter here, so, I spent more time sitting in the shade drinking tea, writing postcards and just chilling than in other places.

My favorite place must have been Yve Saint Laurent´s garden. He´s one of my favorite designers, so, of course I had to see the garden and visit his memorial when there. I absolutely loved that place. Me and my sketchbook could have spend forever there. So pretty with all the colors.

Second favorite thing was deffinitely Jemaa el Fna at night. A receptionist at my hostel warned me that it can be overwhelming but I didn´t think so. There were people playing music, dancing, performing, doing henna... So much life. 

My trip was shorter than I wished because I had to get back to school. I might return to discover the rest of Morocco some day.

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Diana said...

Lovely photos! Morocco seems like a beautiful place to visit.