Fuck it. I can´t come up with a title. This will do.

Lately my views on fashion have changed a lot. My goal used to be to have a lot of interesting clothes and to have a unique and interesting style. Now I just want comfy jeans. What I really want is just a simple wardrobe with simple pieces that go together simply. Like jeans and a t-shirt. So, that´s what I´m working on. Letting go of the old. I´ve come to realize experiences and memories are much more important than "things". 

Which comes to why I´m sharing this day. A week ago I faced my fear of heights and bungee jumped from 150 meters! I still can´t believe I jumped without having to be pushed. When you´re standing on an edge somewhere that high it doesn´t feel right to jump. But I jumped and felt like a champion after. I would do it again too but only if it´s higher.

All together it was a very nice summer day with easy chilling and secret hideaways. With a little bit of adrenaline.

"Uh oh... help?"

Photos of me by Natalia

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