alan olla aika kikseissääää!! (sorry, i couldn´t express my feelings in english)

Some of you may know that I´m going to Estonia tomorrow. For 4 weeks. It´s a student exchange project. My school there is called toostushariduskeskus (or tööstus...? :o) :DD. I think it´s funny. I´m getting pretty excited. I hate it that every time you go somewhere, you can only take a limited amount of clothes with you. I´ve packed almost everything and now I´m just waiting for my mom because she comes here tonight and she gives me a ride to the harbour tomorrow morning. There I´ll meet the other girls that are going too.
List of things I´ll be looking for while I´m there:
-black shoes with chunky heels
-black bag with fringes
-black leather shorts
-red sunglasses
-floral thights
...and maybe new black jeans that I would cut.
That´s a lot of black :o Anyways... I´ll write whenever I have time. I´m gonna take my laptop with me but I´m not sure if there´s a net connection in our dormitory.

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