i sold my jeans to the devil

(title: paul)

I haven´t posted in a veery long time! I came to Estonia a week ago and after thar I haven´t had a proper internet connection. First I was like "OH NO! How do I follow fashion and shows and all the blogs now?? I´ll be so out when I get back to Finland :'''(". But after all... I´ve had a pretty good time here so far. I´ve shopped and eaten in fancy restaurants (well, once :p) and seen places. I´ve bought a belt, harem (kind of) pants, a shirt and a cardigan. And umm... non of them were on my wish list I made before I left. And I found perfect shoes!!! But size 36 was too big for me (wtf?) and they didn´t have smaller.

Here you can see my bed and my pink suitcase and 2 bags (the black and white 1 in the corner is my favorite. It´s Friis & Company) and 1 pair of shoes.
And 1 week later... (and this is after I picked up all the stuff from the floor and put them on my bed)
This is a pic of the jacket I´m making at school. I´ve actually already cut the pieces and started to sew. The other exchange students study their second year. And the class where we are now study their second year too. And I´m on my first year, so, I kind of find this weird sometimes. It´s like I should know how to do stuff that I haven´t done before. I haven´t done any major mistakes yet, so it´s cool. And I´m doing good!
My salad with fish and orange-sauce.
This 1 I took when we were watching a fashion show practises. Those snakes skins pants are everywhere but I´m not really getting into them. They would look awesome with someone with long and thin legs but not on me. They are not my style anyway. Leather pants I could wear! And I want fur hat. I´ve seen a few people wearing 1 but I haven´t found any yet. Maybe I should go look at the mens department because all the people wearing the kinda hat I would want have been men. Maybe next time I see some1 wearing that kind of hat I have to ask them where they bought it. I´ve been walking around the city a lot and I´ve noticed that in Tallinn almost everybody looks the same. They don´t have the kind of street style like in Helsinki or other big cities. Everybody wears fur and patent leather.

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