Rockfashion was fashion show and a VIP event that was kept on thursday at Korjaamo. I was at Korjaamo for almost 11 hours because I was dressing the models. Or actually I was dressing one model but it was enough work because she had 9 outfits and we were in a hurry all the time. I loved it anyway. It was something I could do every day. If I got paid of course. We were there dressing because our class was asked to come help with dressing. I love oportunities like this and I don´t understand why some kept complaining.

We went trough the clothes on wednesday when we also taped the shoes. I wish I would have taken more photos but I just honestly didn´t have time. These were taken at the practises on thursday morning when the clothes were still next to the runway. Photos of the show will be soon added to rockfashion.fi. Just go to "Galleria" and choose "näytöskuvat".

I don´t have much bad to say. I had fun and I enjoyed it. Models were nice, so there was no drama.

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