you go showgirls!

I was looking for some awesome latex shoes that I saw on a French Vogue and I ran into Atsuko Kudo´s couture latex clothes and shoes (I did think that I just entered a sex store though). I especially like the showgirl shoes and some accesories. And I of course like the photos and the site. Definately worth a look!
Let´s talk about those last shoes! How can one walk with them??? Seriously... I usually think that almost everything is somehow wearable. But for some reason I think that walking with those shoes would be very slow and maybe a little painful. And maybe it would also look a little retarted or what do you think?

(If you are wondering why I thought it was a sex store, you need to check it out yourself. I picked out very nice pics. All the pics are from atsukokudo.com)

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