Eley Kishimoto´s spring and summer 2009

Can you not like someone who is trying to make our world a prettier place like Eley Kishimoto?

When somone says "dress and thights the same print" you propably think it´s tacky, am I right? But the photos above don´t look tacky to me. They are pretty chic in my opinion. I love floral thights! I´ve been looking for perfect floral thighs since march and still haven´t found a pair that I like over the others. It´s hard when you have a clear image in your head about what you want.

Eley obviously has their own vision of slide-dyeing in those thights. Have I ever told you how much I love bright or electric blue? Well, now I did. When I´m wearing pretty, expensive or somehow special thights, I´m always scared that I´ll break them. Id be damn scared if I had those.

I had a job for 3 days and then I quit today because I didn´t earn anything and the job sucked. So, I can´t actually even dream of having anything nice for a while. I still picked up a few pieces from their online shop that I liked.

Do I even need to explain why I picked this? It´s uberly cute and colorful. Definately a piece of clothing that would make even the people around you happy. I´m not lieing when I say that wearing colorful and cute clothes will cheer up not only your own day.

There is this one thing that I´m pretty sure you didn´t know about me (unless you know me or have been talking with me). My friends ride mopeds. I don´t because that would be dangerous (having a driving licence for that doesn´t mean you can drive)! But ´cause my friends ride mopeds I have to get one of them to give me a ride. So, it means that when I put clothes on I have to put something that I can imagine wearing on a moped. Dresses are nice, yeah, but hard to wear if you get a moped ride. So I have to put on some pants and maybe my bro´s hoodie because it gets cold and even my helmet is just black. Anyone with this helmet would be the coolest bomber in town!

So cute, pretty, flovery and so much cooler than straw hats! Unfortunately I can´t wear any kind of hats. I would like to wear but they just don´t look good on me! If I could wear hats and if I had this I would wear it with midnight blue siffon dress. Definately not a white dress! At least for me it would be a little too... white.



emily said...

i love floral tights too right now, there's this pair from uo that i have my eye on. here's the link, in case you're interested.


they also have a lot of other types of flowery tights, too.

and eley kishimoto rocks!

Maverick Malone said...

The hats are outrageous...wow