Resort 2010 top 3

1. Anna Sui
I love the contrast in Anna Sui´s clothes. I love that unfinished bohemian chick look. She does prints but in the way that is easy to wear. It´s so efortless that you don´t even need to wear jewelery wich I like because I often forget to put jewellery on when I leave my home in a hurry.
2. Rag & Bone
This looks all so comfy that I wanted to put a scarf around my head at the moment I saw this collection. I can´t wait to get comfy pants like those that look like pants you would wear at home. Everyone gets tired of jeans sometimes, right?
3. Phi

I think this collection is very interesting. Reminds me of those wetsuits that surfers wear. Maybe that was the inspiration?

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Ax said...

Oh i see..you're into arts and fashion..quite interesting..