Did you know Pocahontas means "happy little girl"?

Ok, today´s goal was to start designing and making a hair accessory at school. Of course I couldn´t choose only 1 work that I want to do, so, I´m going to make 3 different ones! That pic above is of my working table. You can see some sketching and the materials I got. A headband, black feathers, black leather, white satin and blue bridal satin (I made a skirt of that fabric last spring and I still haven´t posted a pic of it. Is that so ME or what??). In my first hair accessory I used the hairband and feathers and some leather...

And that´s the result on umm.... an ugly doll head! I had all my fingers in glue after finishing but it was all worth it. In the class room there was this huge bag full of small white feathers and I just wanted to jump in the bag! Or throw the feathers in the air and run around under them. But I supposed I´d have to put them all back to the bag and that doesn´t sound as much fun as throwing them in the air.

That´s Siiri playing with the feathers. Glueing them together. That was her way to think what kind of hair accessory she wants to do.

I like the way it looks like they are just sticking from my hair. Ahh, I hate sounding cocky but I´m actually happy with what this looks like (unlike with the leather bag. I could have done it better).

I never thought I´d finish it today. I spent half of the day on the computer looking for inspirational pictures and talking with friends and sticking feathers to Emilia´s hair. It amazes even me how I always finish the works in time even though it seems like I´m not doing anything. It´s like the whole day I´m lazying and hanging around and then boom I got the finished work in front of me. I´m not complaining though! My goal is to make 2 more hair bands on friday... Or at least 1. And oh! I could also try to be NOT late for a change. I´m 15 mins late almost every day.

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emily said...

great job! and your right, that doll head is very creepy...