Where is my motivation to do anything?

So much to do and I just feel like chilling on the sofa and watching tv and drinking hot chocolate. I allowed myself to do that tonight but that means I have to work harder next week. Thats what I do pretty much all the time. I make myself really busy with everything.

That photo is of an "inspiration" board that is in a corner in my living room. I dont really feel like its an inspiration board but I dont know what else to call it. I just put whatever on it. Stuff I cut of magazines, movie tickets, other tickets, notes and drawings, a feather, mask... Just whatever.
Today I missed my dad for the first time so far.


emily kendall said...

love the board--esp. the mask. ;)

Wendy said...

I think it's inspirational :)
Would love to see more of this beautiful compilation! xx