Almost over...



1. My lovely cousin. Isnt he cute?? ;p I was babysitting him for 3 days after xmas. This photo was taken in our pirate ship ;)
2. The captain of me and my cousin´s pirate ship.
3. The cookie house, I mean tower, that I made with my sister. Guess what story :p PS. the roof was the best part to eat.
4. I figured my outfit needed a belt. So, I made 1. Of a newspaper and tape. Just to kill time.
Xmas holidays was so NEEDED.
Soon its over and I have to go back to school.
Year 2010 is gonna be so good!


emily said...

i love the rapunzel gingerbread house!! :) and happy new years to you too.

enc said...

Nice photos. I love the boy!

Happy New Year.

willtradebikeforwomen said...

I got the ginger bread cookies after a month ;p hahahaha I haven't died yet from your cookies.