Bday weekend.

So, these are from the weekend when school ended, we went to see Sex and the City 2, I turned 18 and I moved out of my apartment and back to my family. I had to pee in a forrest (behind me in last pic) when there was no toilet near. I wore heels cuz it was too cold for flat sandals. I went to a bar while still being underage and talked with a guy who used glue and black glitter as lipstick. He said he likes the way I walk in heels. I fell at the stairs at Natalia´s house and got a bruise on my knee. I drank way too much and ate junk food. I jumped on a trampoline with two other girls until someone came to tell us that only one at a time is allowed to jump there. People made fun of my accent as always. I painted my nails black. About 70 people wished me happy birthday. We got a ride in a nice car. It was red. The driver was a man that we didn´t know but he happened to be going to the same direction than we. And he had a nice car. I got free drinks because it was my birthday. I saw a strange looking creature and yelled "what´s that?!". Some woman at the bus stop told me it was a fox. An animal, not Megan. Mostly I just spent time with friends.
It was a nice weekend.


Wendy said...

Sounds like a crazy weekend, filled with randomness :)

I crave for randomness such as these..Life would be much more interesting then :)


natalia said...

THE best time of our lives! sori sun polvesta! :(