This is me.

Last saturday I spent most of my time at the backstage of Olivia magazine´s fashion event. I love fashion events and everytime I get a chance to be involved in one I take it! I was helping with a hand bag fashion show. As this was a bag show the models didn´t change clothes at all. So, my job was to hand the bags to two models and take the bags when they came from the catwalk and then hand new bags. Pretty simple. And lots of fun. I got to touch a Prada! That´s the closest I´ll ever get to Prada.
And after the show what else than hanging out in a park with a friend and drinking cider, taking photos, going to McDonald´s and then having a sleep over. You propaply can´t tell but I was seriously freezing that day.
The third photo kind of makes me giggle because I look like a scary little girl. I turn 18 in two days. June 6th and adulthood here I come.

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natalia said...

THANKS for mentioning me!