Road trip chic pt. 1


Some serious map staring, some ridicilous car trouble ("Hey sir! Do you know how we could go backwards with this car?"), some a lot of stripes, some hanging out and enjoying life and some karaoke. So, we left Helsinki and headed towards Tampere. We did stop a few times on the way there and somehow randomly ended up hanging out by this river. We had a great great time in Tampere partying ´till morning. Then ended up sleeping in the car. And no we did not cordinate our looks, it was a pure accident!


This was a sunday. So, we woke up in the car and drove to the closest gas station to brush our teeth and so on. We were both looking really messy after the night before but we decided it doesnt matter, it´s "roadtrip chic". From Tampere we drove to Yyteri beach in Pori. That´s such a pretty beach. It was a little bit rainy but not cold. Well, the water was cold but we took a swim anyway. Do you remember when you were a kid and the water was never too cold? Those days are far gone now... From here we drove to Rauma where we spent the night. We went to see Snow White and the Huntsman in a small local movie theathre. Not my favorite version of the movie.


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