Road trip chic pt. 2


Ok, so, we woke up in Rauma. This was monday. Before leaving we took a walk around the old Rauma, old buildings and adorable little cafes and stores. Then we headed to the south coast of Finland and we saw the first sunlight during our trip. So far it had been cloudy and rainy. On our way to Hanko we couldn´t help but stare at the wind power stations from the car. We were literally driving half the speed the other cars ´cause we were so mesmerized by the size of them, we had never seen them so close! There´s a lot of things you don´t see every day living in a big city. In Hanko we spent most of the day by the sea. We went all crazy over seashells and we collected handfulls of them. People were probably wondering if we had never seen seashells in our lifes. At night we hang out at the harbour, drinking, listening to music, talking about dreams, watching the sunset and just enjoying being alive. And oh, soap bubbles! The little joys of life.


The final day. First stop was Fiskars. I had no idea this sort of place exists. You probably don´t know but Fiskars is also a brand for sciccors and knives and it comes from this village. I didn´t know there could be so many tourists (very well cut away from the photos) in a small village like that. You could find Fiskars museum, Fiskars store, hotel, restaurant, other tourist spots... and all of them along one street. It´s a lovely village anyway. There were many art installations around the river (I´m sitting on one and then there are the bottles). I hopelesly tried to send a grass boat thingy down the river but failed (see fail attempt #7). After Fiskars we drove to Porvoo which is actually quite close to Helsinki but we had never visited before. To me the biggest surprise was that it was like a real town. My classmate from college lives in Porvoo and I always imagined it to be a small village with no centre. Then we went home to sleep ´cause we were exhausted. End of story.


natalia said...

Tää oli kyl yks kesän kohokohdista! :D Etin äsken sun myynnissä olevan korun ja laitoin sen mun watch - listalle.. :)

Lou Billie said...

Nice pictures ! Now I just want to run away from London for a country side trip ! x