1. Mbar, Helsinki. Nice place for hanging out. Good music. Try that drink Drop of passion!
2. Nail foils. Obsessed with this nail look. I have foils in gold as well.
3. Leather fringe earrings I made. 
4. That´s my face. Wearing those earrings I made. (God damn I´m blond!)
5. Pretty leaf :)
6. Vintage hand bag I bought recently. Half suede, half fur. It doubles as a muff.
7. Blueberry ice cream. Yum! And no, it´s not a coinsicence that it matches with my nailpolish.
8. Illustration on a canvas tote. Drawn by me.
9. A print skirt I made a while ago.
10. My home.

I´ve had problems with my camera lately. Not only that but it´s also not very safe to carry a camera with you in Finland when it´s fall and basically raining all the time. Whatever the reason, I have been more attached to instagram than to my blog lately. I finally feel like I´m getting my motivation back slowly.

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