How-to: crazy beanie

So, this is my giant pom pom beanie. I´ve got a lot of compliments on this and it´s pretty simple to make also. Here is how:

 1. You need a beanie (mine is from H&M) and a pom pom whatever size you want. The bigger the better. You can make this pom pom by yourself too, that´s what I did. 

 My beanie was a little bit loose on top, so, I used an elastic to make a nice draped effect on the front (this is optional f.ex. if you don´t have a sewing machine).

2. If you choose to use the elastic then you will want to put the beanie on your head and measure how much you can drape without it pulling too much because then it wont stay on your head! What I did is I put the beanie on my head and folded the loose top forward then measured from the top of the beanie to the front edge and that´s how long my elastic is. Is that clear..?

Turn your beanie inside out. Use a pin needle to attach the other end of the elastic to the top or where you want the draping to start...

3. ...and the other end to the center front edge of the beanie. Don´t put it all the way to the edge, you don´t want it to be visible to the right side.

4. Stretch the elastic when you sew it on. The material underneath should be straight when you sew it and the elastic will pull the fabric together looking like you draped it. Use long stiches and preferably zig zag if possible.

5. Now you can turn the beanie around and sew on the pom pom! Sew it on the draped line by hand using regular thread and a long needle..  



livlovelaugh said...

that is awesomesauce and you are so talented! Really like the drawing below!


natalia said...

Edelleen hauska ja makee!! :)

T: Natalia (enjaksanukirjautuusisään!) :)

HitomiNeko said...

o that is cute! i like that haha



Jones Morris said...

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