Anna Karenina

I haven´t read the book but I was really looking forward to seeing the movie. Somehow I´d gotten the image that it´s going to be a really good movie. But the thing is... 

When you go see a movie you expect for it to take you to places. This movie took me to a theatre setting. However well it was done it felt a little bit off. It was at times somewhat hard to keep up with the place and time when the settings kept shifting to another. Everything seemed to happen in such a small environment. It felt really constricted at times, so, when a scene was taken outdoors it almost physically felt like you finally got fresh air after being indoors for a long time. 

In the beginning of the movie I was a bit confused. Is this trying to be a comedy without actually being funny at all? The story is a drama isn´t it? Why try to make it anything else than it is? As the story went on it was really hard to feel any symphaty for Anna. She grew to be a really annoying character. At some point you just want to slap her in the face and tell her to get over it. Did women of that time really cry that often, at every occasion? I honestly can´t imagine a happier ending for her. 

Then there was this one pretty much irrelevant character who got a lot of attention in the movie. Watching his scenes I just felt like I was sleeping with my eyes open. This other love story that was shown in the movie didn´t seem to have a big connection to the love triangle this movie was about, so, why is such a big part of this movie revolved around it when it doesn´t even gain anything from it. Yes, I know I haven´t read the book but that was something that they could´ve left out. The movie is 130 minutes long after all! I don´t think you should need to read a book to understand a movie that is based on it. Please someone tell me what he "understood" in the end of the movie...

All in all the biggest crime in this movie was that they made Jude Law look unattractive.

I make a pretty good critic, no? It´s quite clear I didn´t really like the movie much but what do YOU think?


Fragile Bird said...

I haven't even heard of this film, I really need to catch up with whats out now. I like your honest review

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Anonymous said...

The greatest crime of all is to make Jude Law unattractive!! :D

Anonymous said...

T: Natalia

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Rocio Otero said...

que post tan bonito! me gusta tu blog!


Marlen said...

hahaha made jude law look unattractive- that made me laugh. and i would imagine that's absolutely impossible! i'm actually reading the book right now- is this movie already out on DVD?

xo Marlen
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CoastWithMe said...

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Amor said...

I haven't seen the movie yet.. thanks for your views :)


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

We looooove this!

ox from NYC!