Paris en septembre

Oh yes... It´s been a few months. I love going through these photos. I know this sounds like nothing unique but I really love Paris. It´s a place I always miss and where I want to go to over and over again. I spent a short week there last September. The downside to travelling alone is you don´t really get photos of yourself. Well, I wasn´t really travelling alone but my travel companion was there for work so I would spend most of the days by myself wandering around the streets of Paris. Which is not a horrible thing at all! Besides I´ve done all that "posing in front of eiffel" kind of stuff before (here) and it´s not like I´m not going there again. Actually, I´m getting sort of a travel fever right now looking at these photos... I went to Première Vision clothing fabric show too which was awesome but sadly I wasn´t allowed to take any photos there.

(Drinking water in Saint Laurent!)


natalia said...

Je t'aime Paris! Beautiful pics, Jenna!

Joy Yiu said...

Beautiful beautiful photos! I enjoyed reading your blog posts. Hope you can take a look at my blog and follow me if you'd like x